Industry Training by Industry People

Environmental Preservation and Innovation Centre (EPIC)

Practical Based Training

EPIC programmes are led by expert instructors and are designed as hands-on training completed in small groups, allowing for more personalized instruction in an environment that mirrors the professional work setting closely.

Industry Led Training

Industry Led Training will lead the participants to work together at a convenient time and place, which leads to enhanced teamwork and motivation. In Industry Led Training, exercises and activities can be specially designed to reflect your company's culture and working practices.

Blended Training

Blended Training makes training efficient and flexible which can be imparted with a "Human Touch". Blended training allows training to be delivered through a number of different methods. These training methods are designed to complement each other and work in tandem to achieve overall learning objectives and outcomes.

Customised Training

Training programs can be customised to account for corporate culture and alignment with business goals and objectives. Customization also allows companies to apply their company look and feel to the program with branding and pictures.